Proven evidence-based strategic consultation and reporting.
Our marketing strategy capabilities are evidence-based, results-driven and performed by consultants with powerful, recognised qualifications.
The key to true marketing strategy is the ability to understand your business in detail and identify marketing objectives that drive your business and brand recognition forward with a sustainable plan.
This can only be achieved by personnel who have spent years in the marketing/advertising industry, who have a vast experience with businesses across many sectors and who have studied marketing and business strategy at MBA level.
There are countless pitfalls and wastages in marketing that derive from ‘assumptions’ which are not founded in either real evidence or through an informed assessment of your marketing objectives. For example,
Is social the best place for our promotions?
Do I want to engage an audience in conversation about my brand?
When is TV advantageous?
How can I use social as a direct messaging tool, similar to traditional media?
How do I get the best value from TV, radio and press schedules?
Who is my most advantageous target demographic of those available to us?
How do I measure my results?
How do I best set a marketing budget?
These are very common questions amongst our clients and we can provide informed, logical answers as well as pathways to put these answers into action.
BRAVE is an accredited media buyer for the metro and regional TV and radio networks. We also provide advantageous packages for press, out-of-home and digital platforms including Facebook/Instagram, Google, LinkedIn and others.