Client : Office of the eSafety Commissioner
The ‘Rewrite Your Story’ campaign is an award-winning project for the eSafety Office,
who engaged BRAVE to:
- Create a communications and marketing strategy
- Develop a social media calendar with 12 months of composed updates for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
- Write and produce a drama-based video series involving 8 key characters
- Create the campaign’s brand-mark design
- Design a poster campaign for release in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane
- Design and implement an interactive online quiz
- Create a series of educational animations
Rewrite Your Story was designed to start a conversation with 14-18 year olds, spark engagement and discussion about online issues including cyberbullying, digital reputation and sexting. The results included over a million Facebook views, over 15,0000 reactions (likes/responses) and hundreds of engagements from the notoriously difficult to reach youth audience.
The campaign also won Gold at the World Media Festival and Best Direction at the
Australian Director’s Guild.